Original CCTV beauty hosts no longer glamorous? Chunni's hair is silver, and sister Yulun's is a fuller skirt

2020-08-05 20:16:53 快3稳赚公式 已读
The original title: CCTV beauty hosting no longer glamorous? On the night of August 3, the famous host Xu Chunni shared her daily life with experts on the diplomatic platform. The essay said: Why are other people shooting so soft and beautiful, how can we be so like a throat lock? In the video, she is dancing a gesture dance with sister Yulun (Wang Hao).

Although they had a tacit understanding when they helped each other to improve their dance works, they were clear that they had a lot of hands and feet, so they could not keep up with the rhythm. Xu Chunni's dress suit sets off her temperament very well. However, she has a few strands of white hair on her hair. When she comes to le Shou, her bags under her eyes are also deep.

Sister Yulun is wearing a green dress. Although her face is very young and her facial features are very beautiful, she seems to be getting fat. The drawstring around the waist will tighten the stomach a little, and the young abdomen is slightly protruding.

netizens laughed after watching the video and said, \